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Design Research

During my time as a consultant designer on Wall Street, I compiled a Finance 101 document for new joiners to understand the complex world of capital markets and high finance.  


For my master project I chose to investigate the physiological and emotional interactions humans have with the lighting environment in relation to illuminance and colour temperature and the impact of light quality has on cognitive activities leading to recommendations for the development of optimal lighting conditions for interior lighting focusing on the impact of correlated colour temperature and light levels on circadian rhythms.


For my final year honours project in Industrial Design I designed a Home Cycler-Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis Machine for children suffering from kidney failure.


The posture pal was designed to be used by the elderly specifically and relieves the problems they have in relation to seating, but can be used by anyone. I conducted extensive research into the lumbar region of the human body and received the highest mark in my year for my research report. Please click on the button below for full report. 

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