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Product design BA degree project

I designed a seat aid which promoted better posture while relieving lower back pain and pressure sores. Using a rocking motion it encouraged the user to change their position and therefore their posture frequently. In doing my research I found that existing seat aids were not only ugly and uncomfortable but they in fact hindered proper spinal alignment. The spine is a flexible line of bones which is designed to bend and move, so the rigid posture adapted by most people to conform to a chair of seat aid is in fact bad for the spine. The posture pal allows and encourages the user to change their posture frequently which in turn squeezes and un squeezes the discs, which results in better filtration of fluids in and out of the cores of the discs, therefore staying plumper and in the long run healthier. The posture pal was designed to be used by the elderly specifically and relieves the problems they have in relation to seating, but can be used by anyone. I conducted extensive research into the lumbar region of the human body and received the highest mark in my year for my research report. Please click on the button below for full report. 

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