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Luxury Homewares

Product design, graphic design, packaging and photography

Background: Max Benjamin is a luxury candle company, internationally renowned for their elite fragrances and premium products. They approached me initially to design some products for them, after working on a few projects I also began to redesign their packaging solutions and supplied all of their product photography needs. 

My role: Product Design, Project Management, Graphic Design, Photography.

Ilum Collection

I was approached by Max Benjamin to create an elite collection of scented candles and diffusers in bespoke fragrances presented in stunning porcelain vases. Each geometric design is influenced by the Max Benjamin Belgian family heritage.

Elysium Collection

The Elysium collection is a super opulent release from the Irish candle brand Max Benjamin; wrapped in gorgeous gold-and-black packaging with floral designs, with super rich scents across the three varieties available. Named Elysium after the Greek word for “the state of perfect happiness, a paradise”, this collection is designed to usher you straight to perfume heaven.

Amalfi Collection

Lose yourself on this aroma journey of fresh citrus fruits, wild flowers and fresh sea air. A collection inspired by one of the world's most beautiful coastlines.

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