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The White Studio

A bespoke ecommerce website

Project background: In 2013 I set up my own business selling bespoke wedding stationery, I wanted an ecommerce solution to make my invitations more accessible to my customers. I envisioned a site that gave them complete control of the colours & structure of their invitations. The site needed to be very clear, user friendly, responsive, and fully customisable with all information readily available and accessible for the users as they made their purchases.

Achievements: Nominated for 'The Most beautiful website in Ireland', at the Realex web awards, I also gained 20,000 followers on Pinterest.

My role:

Website: Product Design, UX, UI, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Prototyping.

Business: Project Management, Graphic Design, Photographer, Stylist.

Defining Interactions

As I already had a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve. I began by mapping out the site architecture and sketching interactions. Then using low fidelity prototypes I asked some users to test the site using thinking aloud protocols, this identified some pain points and user needs to be resolved.




Once the final sketches were perfected and validated, high fidelity wireframes and prototypes were produced on desktop, tablet and mobile screens to solidify the design. I worked with a developer who mocked up the website in wordpress.


The main data was input to the site and I tweaked the final changes and added the products, images and copy to the site before launch. I could then amend the menus, code and other elements as needed.  


SEO was completed on the site and it was launched through social media and a press release was drawn up and distributed to the key stakeholders in the wedding industry. The site is fully responsive on tablet and mobile applications. It was very well received and the analytics have been healthy from the start.


Please view the video below for a quick demo of the website below.

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