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Interaction Design

A healthcare solution for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) which addresses the most common issues encountered by Syrian migrants in 2016. 

* One of the key contributions to this project has been presented by the IOM to the World Health Organization for consideration in refugee camps worldwide.

Health Care

A holistic loans platform to automate the process from deal builds through, trade closing, settlements and servicing.


* ALP has been instrumentally in this tier one investment bank achieving world wide best in class market status. 


A new sales desktop solution was envisioned that could provide displays for client holdings and trade history, alongside client interests. 

* A hugely successful market intelligence tool for the fixed income division of a tier one investment bank.


A tier one investment bank wanted to create a shopping cart for their wealth management sales team that bridges the gap between searching, selecting and transacting.

* This design is in process but user adaption so far has been positive. 


Hero 2.jpg

In 2013 I set up my own business selling bespoke wedding stationery. 

I designed an eCommerce solution that enabled my users to customize their own stationery online. 


* The White Studio was nominated for 'The most beautiful website in Ireland' award 2106.

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