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Sparks of Beauty

For my master project I chose to investigate a users psychological and physiological interactions with light.


The aim of this masters project was to investigate the physiological and emotional interactions humans have with the lighting environment in relation to illuminance and colour temperature and the impact of light quality has on cognitive activities leading to recommendations for the development of optimal lighting conditions for interior lighting focusing on the impact of correlated colour temperature and light levels on circadian rhythms.




As I wanted to have measurable data in real time I utilised the Nexus biometric and neuro feedback unit, measuring the users brainwave activity, heart rate, skin conductance and temperature in response to different lighting conditions. 

This aided in my researching of the physiological and psychological responses in humans to changing environments, in particular changing lighting conditions, both natural and artificial. This led me to include the study of circadian and seasonal rhythms, its impact on well-being and the impact of physiological and psychological interactions with the lighting environment on cognition. This data is too complicated to display here but you can see here a quick demo of

an EEG signal of a smile :-)

ven diagramming
mapping - iteration 1
defining problems
pain point mapping
journey mapping system
journey mapping physiology
sequence of use mapping
interaction mapping
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