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For The Record

An exhibition of 100 iconic album sleves

With the renaissance in vinyl, this was an opportunity for music fans, new and old alike to experience or re-experience the magic of the 12 inch vinyl sleeve, an art form that is making a welcome return. The exhibition was run by IT Carlow and designCORE, and focused on the design of the iconic album covers in an age of 12 inch vinyl.


We were tasked as a team to design a solution which showcases the album artwork but also ensured the security of valuable album covers. I worked on the interaction of the user within this exhibition, detailing user flows, sensory touch points, also specifying the human anthropometric requirements. 



Research was conducted to specify the optimum heights for the exhibitions display of the records, observational analysis was conducted to determine how people interact in an exhibition space, and literature reviews carried out as to what is the best positioning and what other factors needed to be addressed.

It was decided that an open and light structure was best with large open entryways - aiding the feeling of freedom and space around the user. The layout of the vinyl being displayed around the edges of the structure will make the user feel more comfortable as they follow 'the wall' around.


The height should be between 9-12 feet, providing space for the user to reach up but low enough to feel comfortable. A perspex protection should shield the valuable covers from people touching, positioned at eye level (1.6m). The internal space should be large enough to accommodate many people while taking into account personal space for each user, it should be a shared space rather than a territorial closed space.



We focused in on people, places and processes and began to empathise with each stakeholder of the exhibition, drawing up personas and conducting interviews and research in record shops so we were in touch with the target market of the exhibition.



I drew up plans from existing documentation available on the space and a proposal was put forward in order to make space for the exhibition.


User task flows and sensory touch points were considered and a plan was put into place to involve the users as much as possible and to make the exhibition as interactive as possible. 

A circular structure was decided upon which was put into the plans with all human factors addressed and specified. New task and sensory touch points were drawn up for the new space and a document was supplied for the final manufacture and fit out of the exhibition. 



The records were to be displayed within the circular structure in 3 prongs, each containing 33 segments, these would then be covered in clear vinyl which secured the covers. A solidworks drawing detailed the manufacture and materials, a sketch model was made to ensure everything was in order and the structure was manufactured in the workshop.



The exhibition was launched during design week 2015 to great success, the structure displayed the vinyl albums perfectly whilst still protecting the valuable artwork.


The exhibition stand was also made to be modular and is still being used today for many different exhibitions. 


Please watch the video below of the assembly of the exhibition stand. 

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